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premeire June 2 Pact Galerie, Paris
part of "SpI_e s  I.N  thE W [I] Re" with Michael Bevilacqua
multi channel sound installation
Work Sample
"The Motion of Gathering Loops"
premeire May - July for "Get Clear On What You Think," a group exhibition at Maxwell Colette Gallery, Chicago, curated by Claire Molek 
folded polyester robe (Soto-Zen Okesa) over wrapped speaker playing a siren on a loop
"Father's to I've to Father's"
Opera for SMS text message
live premeire May 20 - 22 Offprint London,Tate Modern, London
remote group performnace over two weeks from May 1 - May 15
sent to 200 cell phones in 7 countries by mass SMS service
Complete libretto consists of 91 different text messages, 17 audio files
Selected performances include:
Fabrik Expo, Los Angeles
Silent Funny, Chicago
Manifest, Chicago
Drop Everything Biennial, Inis Oirr, Ireland
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Oak Park
Kyma International Sound Symposium, Leicester, England
May 27 2016 Drop Everything Biennial
3,000 ft of bubble wrap woven into robes, multi-channel sound installation, 150 cell phone speakers
Final remnants of AMNMA from Drop Everything Biennial. Folded bubble wrap robe, wrapped speakers playing poems generated from names of the participants. At Cill Ghobnait, a small 9th century church on Inis Oirr. 
May 13 during Manifest, Columbia College of Art, Chicago
Group performance ft. Chicago painters Julia Haw, Kenrick Macfarlane, and Kevin Maginnis
900 ft of bubble wrap woven into robes, Long-range acoustic device, sound file
Performance featuring Swedish choreographer/dancer Stina Ahlberg January 29 - 31 2016 Fabrik Expo, Los Angeles
Bubble wrap woven into a robe, multi-channel sound installation
"K H M H K"
Album release
Premiere January 2016, sculptural sound installation as part of "Thunder in Our Hearts" at Noysky Projects, Los Angeles. Curated by Ginger Schulick Porcella.
Folded robe, car upholstery, covered speaker components, audio files
Installation followed by album release
"Medea" (as part of Soundwalk Collective)
radio premiere on August 8, 2011 with PS1 Art on Air
premiere performance May 4, 2012 at Centre Pompidou, Paris
album and book release with Dis Voir
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Public Decibel

In 2015, I created Public Decibel, a sonic architecture firm that focuses on solving placemaking and urban development challenges through interactive sound.  The following projectes reflect solo work under the Public Decibel umbrella. 

More info at:

I invite you to download Public Decibel's complete deck, with ​descriptions of theory, practice, and technology at:

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Sonic Placemaking _ Public Decibel.pdf


Artist Statement 

Banrei, the artist name of Jake Harper, is a composer and media artist based in Los Angeles and Tokyo. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, Banrei's work prompts questions of field, perception and duration. Live performance and installation are used to frame a kind of ritual, within which audiences are asked to ponder subtle transformations of space and become aware of that which exists at the edge of perception. Ultimately, Banrei seeks to break apart the notion of the living being as a discreet object. The ritual draws the listener out, to rediscover themselves as a vibrating fabric containing multitudes. 


Jake Harper was born in Washington DC in 1988.
Formerly of New York and Berlin-based Soundwalk Collective, his work has been exhibited internationally in museums including the Centre Pompidou, Paris; the National Museum of China, Beijing; the Tate Modern, London; and the New Museum, New York. Since 2013,  He has been working with sound and site-specific installation under the name Banrei. In 2015, he founded Public Decibel, a sonic architecture firm whose aim is to solve placemaking and urban design challenges through sound. 

Select Public Presentations of Work 



July  ”Anti-Siren” Mobile medical units of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation; Blantyre, Malawi.

July  “DA ZA DE ZA DA” Re: group show, decommissioned Pfizer Factory; Williamsburg , NY
June “Spies in the Wires” PACT Galerie, Paris.
May “AMNMA” site-specific performance at Drop Everything Biennial. Inis Oirr, Ireland.
May  “Father’s to I’ve to Father’s” SMS Opera live premiere, Offprint London, Tate Modern
May “AMNMA” site-specific performance at Manifest, Columbia College Chicago
May Get Clear On What You Think. Maxwell Colette Gallery, Chicago.
May “Father’s to I’ve to Father’s” SMS Opera world premiere.
February “AMNMA” Performance, Silent Funny, Chicago IL
January “Cholalcho” Exhibition, Noysky Projects, Los Angeles CA
January “AMNMA” Performance, Fabrik Expo, Los Angeles CA
January “AMNMA” Performance, Family Album Project Space, Chicago USA

September “The Garden” Installation, Pershing Square, Los Angeles USA
August “word-whip” Installation, San Diego Art Institute, USA
June “AMNMA Altars” Installation, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, USA.


May “MEDEA: Zig Zag Series” Audio CD, photo book, and travel diary. Published by Dis Voir (With SWC).
May “Focal Point” Installation and performance, Drop Everything Biennial, Inis Oirr, Ireland (with SWC)
May “MEDEA” Performance, Centre Pompidou. Paris, France. (With SWC)
April “Voices of London“ for the London Eye Wheel. Audio guide (With SWC).
February “When there is smoke on the mountain there is fire” Composition world premiere, Well / Well / Not-at-all Solo Festival at ESORABAKO, Tokyo, Japan.
January “Saying I, repeating the word many times” Composition world premiere, The Tank, Eavesdropping Festival, New York.


August “MEDEA” PS1 Art on Air, NYC (With SWC)
May “Sen,” Sound Installation, EN Movement Showcase: Anew, Tokyo Salon, Tokyo, Japan.
May “The Passenger,” Festival of Ideas for the New City Biennial, New Museum (With SWC).
May “The Passenger,” French Institute Alliance Française concert at Florence Gould Hall, NYC (With SWC).


May “Running Man” Opera world premiere, Riverside Church, NYC. 


Lectures / Papers / Demonstrations


“The Anti-Siren: Neurosciences and Public Art” Published paper and presentation. Open Fields Conference organized by the RIXC Center for New Media Culture in partnership with Art Research Lab of Liepaja University and Baltic-Nordic Renewable Network

”AMNMA”  Demonstration and lecture. KISS2016 Kyma International Sound Symposium Emergence!  De Montfort University Leicester, UK



“The Sonic Garden: Interactive sound in Public Spaces” Demonstration and talk. Pershing Square Renew Technology Committee, Los Angeles USA.


Selected Bibliography 

VICE “Meet the performance artist reinventing opera through text messages”.  Written by Dan Oberhaus, published March 15, 2016

L’Exploreur “Michael Bevilacqua « Spies in the wire » & BANREI (Jake Harper)” 


Irish Times  “Opera by Text Message” by Marie Boran, published March 24, 2016


The New York Times Style Magazine  “The Curatorialist : High Seas Fidelity”  Emma Reeves, published May 3rd 2012


Tsugi "PÊCHEURS DE SONS, PIRATES DES ONDES” by Jean-Yves Leloup, published October, 2011


Les Inrockuptibles "Soundwalk : l’électro sur les traces de Médée” by Géraldine Sarratia, published September 04, 2011

Liberation Next


PS1 Art on Air “The Black Sea Diary” Aired August 8th, 2011 


Education and Professional Experience

2015 - present

Public Decibel. Founder, creative director. Los Angeles, CA.

2013 - 2015

Chousenji Temple (Soto Zen-sect temple). Assistant Head Priest. Tokyo, Japan. 

2012 - 2013 

Nittaiji Senmon Soudou (Soto Zen-sect training monastery). Nagoya, Japan 

2010 - 2012

Soundwalk Collective. Studio assistant and composer. New York NY. 

2006 - 2010
New York University BA in Jazz Composition. New York NY


+1 301 787 1114

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